The 2019 Electric Telescope Tour

What we do

We take Telescopes and Astronomy to where people are
Free use of Telescopes
Lots of Hands-on activities
Free daytime and night time astronomy
Lectures and demonstrations on Cloudy days
When we can, we take one of our trailers to use as a base

You may find us at
Camp Grounds

What it Costs
Nothing. Our sevices are free
Nor do we have anything to sell
We do not solicit visitors for donations
We do have free handouts and materials that have been donated to us
We have no agenda other than promoting Astronomy, Light Pollution and STEM
We do ask that in exchange you waive your fees, such as parking or camping
We are self contained and need nothing more than a large flat space with a view of the sky.

We are working on the 2020 Schedule
If you would like us to visit your location, please contact us

Amherst Town Common ................................... Don't be Sheepish Come try our telescopes ................................... At the Farmer's Market
(Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival)

Some of the telescopes you will get to use

TeleVue Pronto
Meade ETX 105
AWB OneSky 130
Bresser 102
Don't forget to bring your cell phone with you
We have a Tele Vue FoneMate,
that allows you to become an Astro Photographer with your cell phone
and Our Telescopes


Shpatzir Mobile #2. Our typical set up with over 12 telescopes

The Star Wagon. For smaller locations such as board walks

2018 was a great year Over 2000 visitors

2019 is going to be even better. We have more changes and more telescopes

During the camping season in New England, from May till the end of October.
We can be found anywhere from New York to Maine doing Star Parties.
In the cold of winter, you may find us anywhere warm, from Myrtle Beach to the Florida Keys

We go to many camp grounds.
Ask your favorite camp ground to invite us to visit.
You never know where we may turn up, From Rock Concerts to Tanglewood.

We go to many camp grounds. Ask your favorite campground to invite us to visit.
You never know where we may turn up, From Rock Concerts to Tanglewood

Stay Tuned for more details

Our activities are in 6 groups

1. Sunny Days
2. Clear, Cloud free Nights
3. Cloudy Days
4. Cloudy Nights
5. An Hour before Sunrise
6. Stormy Weather

Most activities are for all ages, but we do some just for kids

1. Sunny Days

On Sunny days, we take out special telescopes that are designed to view the sun
You will get to see Sunspots and maybe Solar Flares
You can also just sit around, read our books and enjoy free lemonade and popcorn

2. Clear, Cloud Free Nights

This is what we have been waiting for...
On clear nights we will be using the telescope to see things in the night sky
From as close as the craters on the Moon to distant galaxies
Things in the sky are constantly changing. Every night is a different show. No reruns
We will also be watching for Meteors and Satellites

3. Cloudy Days

You will learn how to use the telescopes and what all the controls do
You will practice taking care of your telescope and how to tune it up
We tell you about different types of telescopes and binoculars
You will get to see all sorts of things that you add on to your telescope to make it do different things
We will turn Astronomical telescopes in to Spy Glasses and do bird watching
You will learn what to buy and what not to buy in astronomical equipment

4. Cloudy Nights

When it gets dark and there are no stars in the sky, we take out the projector and popcorn machine
You will get to hear stories from all over the world, some topics are;

The Sun
The Moon
Jupiter & its Moons
Woman in astronomy
Eclipses, the technical stuff
Why stars are different colors.
How to find your way in the sky
Light pollution. It hurts everyone
Touring the Universe with Binoculars
The Constellations. What is your sign?
The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights
Taking Astro Pictures with your Cell Phone
Spectroscopy, what different star colors tell us.
Computer programs to help you with astronomy
Eclipses, and the adventures of Eclipse Chasers
Star parties, great places to travel to in the summer
What you can and cannot see with a small telescope
Sextant and the Compass. Navigating in the old days
Who are astronomers, and who do we think are astronomers?
What to do and what you are going to see when the clouds go away
Astro toys; How to spend more money and have more fun with your telescope
Taking pictures of the sky. Leave your socks home as these pix will knock them off
Short Talks-
Problem solving
The Importance of Nothing in Astronomy

5. An hour before Sunrise

A quick look at the morning stars before the sun comes up

6. Stormy Weather

Stormy weather is God's way of saying that it is a good time to take a nap

Professor Marvel is a collector.
Besides bringing over a dozen telescopes
He also has a few dozen other optical instruments.
He also collects ancient navigation devices.
He worked as a professional chief to pay for college and has a collection of camping stoves and cookware.
Traveling with some of his collections, he does lectures and hands on demonstrations on more than just astronomy.
Some examples are:
Light pollution.
The Weather.
The microscopic world.
Navigation before GPS and even before electricity.
Fire good. Camp stoves, History and leading to The Age of Discovery.
Traveling fuel problem. How to deal with the airlines. Home Depot better than LL Bean.
Cooking in Cast Iron to Titanium and Aluminum foil
We don't need refrigeration.
Teaching Kids to Cook.

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We are looking for more sponsors. If you are interested in helping us, please email or give us a call

Dark Blue=Good, White=bad observing conditions
Click on chart to change location

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Astro dictionary
Pielock's Planetarium and Collectors Resource
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The Electric Telescope Tour
1 Hadley Street, Unit 10
South Hadley MA 01075

Our phone number is 800-336-9054
Last update Oct. 23, 2019

No, you can not find us on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media.
Put down your smart phone, come outside and experiance the real world. We are enjoying life and looking at the heavens with Telescopes.
If you want to contact us, you have to do it the old fashioned way, either telephone or email.